Elven army

The army of Elven Kingdom is led by several high-ranked officers chosen for their experience and skills. Together, along with the King and the Grand Magus, they form the War Council, the ultimate command. Elven armed forces is divided into several (sub)groups.

The Guards take care of inside threats and are the main peacekeeping forces, patrolling the roads and villages. Currently, they are led by Guard General Vigellus, a former soldier with over three millennia of experience.

The army takes care of outside threats and is focused mostly on the demons besieging their gates. They are led by Army General Falrian and his Marshals – Lumilan, leading the archers; Jaimos, leading the infantry; and Aegan, leading the Magic-Breakers. Magi, even those with combat training, are led by the Grand Magus and his advisors.