This is an overview of the progress on the individual books in my series.

Eternal Defenders #1

  • Title: Eternal Defenders
  • Current status: Published in October 2020
  • Current length: 167k words

Eternal Defenders #2:

  • Title: Secrets of the Eternals
  • Current status: fourth draft in progress
  • Current length: ~180k words (October 2021)
  • Publication ETA: Late 2022

Eternal Defenders #3:

  • Title: Eternity’s end
  • Current status: preliminary first draft
  • Current length: ~180k words (as of 12/2018)
  • Publication ETA: Late 2024

Possible other projects

Legend of Sagittus (#0,1):

  • Title: Legend of Sagittus
  • Current status: early concept
  • Estimated length: Unknown (full-scale novel)
  • Publication ETA: Unknown

A considered prequel about the end of the Elven War, showing Sagittus and Aphelia, as well as the first Darkwood, in their primes.


  • Title: Rise of the Eternal Defenders (might change)
  • Current status: advanced concept
  • Estimated length: ~50k words
  • Publication ETA: Unknown

This story comes from the original (now removed) prologue of the first book and will show how the demons first attacked and the Order of Eternal Defenders came to be.


  • Title: Looming shadows (might change)
  • Current status: early concept
  • Estimated length: Unknown (probably similar to #0,5)
  • Publication ETA: Unknown, after #0,5

Idea for this came by the end of drafting #2. This story would take place relatively shortly after #0,5 and describe the beginning of the Shadowflame cult. Depending on how I decide to approach this, it might be merged with #0,5.